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AD game 01
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Adrenaline brings classic first-person shooter video games to your table. Grab some ammo, grab a gun, and start shooting. Build up an arsenal for a killer turn. Combat...

BM game 01
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In this merry game, players take on the roles of rabbits and moose. While the hunter strolls through the forest, players are trying to look like an animal the hunter won’t...

CP game 01
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19,95 €

Codenames can now be played with pictures! Whimsical, mind-twisting illustrations are used instead of word cards. Can you find one word that ties your team's pictures together?

CGE eshop games CPX 01
39,95 €

The whimsical, mind-twisting illustrations of Codenames: Pictures are now available in the XXL format.

DP game 01
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„What this town needs is a pet store." No one knows which imp said it, but every imp recognized the idea was pure genius: „A pet shop for dungeon lords? What a great idea! Yeah,...

DP2 game 01
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The Dungeon Petz expansion Dungeon Petz: Dark Alleys has a whole new district in the town!

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No idea what the best game for your friend would be? Get the electronic CGE vouchers to avoid any disappointment! You can expect your electronic pdf voucher with a unique code...

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In need of last-minute gifts? Get the electronic CGE Christmas vouchers! You can expect your electronic pdf voucher with a unique code in your e-mail box after your purchase....

LW2 game 01
19,95 €

With this expansion, you begin the game with an employment card that provides you with a regular income each turn and a number of things you must do in order to get fired.

PU game 01
Pulsar 2849
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49,95 €

It is the year 2849, and humanity has harnessed the power of the pulsars. Now we must find a way to distribute this power throughout the stars.

PC game 01
34,95 €

This is the role of a proper Victorian gentleman: to acquire valuable property, to attend formal dinners, and to impress influential people. In other words, the proper Victorian...

TZ game 01
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Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar presents a new game mechanism: dynamic worker placement. Players representing different Mayan tribes place their workers on connected gears, and as...

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